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Virtual 3-D Technologies Corp introduces the Plantar Digitizer®  system. This newest evolution of its podiatric medical 3-D digitizer products provides a low cost, extremely high speed three-dimensional digitizing solution for podiatric orthotics both to the medical practitioner and the orthotic production laboratory.

Plantar Digitizer® Practitioner Model 7D8P: 

Portable, rugged and reliable: this version of our 3-D surface acquisition tool is designed for the podiatric practitioner's use in the office environment. It employs Virtual's proprietary microsecond capture of raw 3-D encoded surface maps. The lightweight device, easily moved among examination rooms, is minimally styled to be unobtrusive in the  professional office setting. Reliable by design: the Plantar Digitizer® has no moving parts to wear or become misaligned.

As a USB peripheral, set up and operation is simple: attached to a Windows computer running our raw 3-D map acquisition software, the digitizer is powered and controlled through a single USB cable. The operator enters identifying patient information, positions and loads the foot using their preferred technique, and presses a button. The encoded raw 3-D surface information is captured in a microsecond (0.000001 second). This data is immediately available for transmission to an orthotic fabrication laboratory for production. The digitizer's acquisition software transparently e-mails the information directly to the selected laboratory. Systems configured for open-sharing (the general sales format) may direct the information to any laboratory participating in the
Plantar Digitizer® program. Optionally, a focused system configuration is available (for volume sales) which automatically directs the data to a specific laboratory. At the laboratory the raw 3-D map is transformed through Virtual's 3-D Surface Map Processing software into 3-D surface information and input into their orthotic production environment.

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Top Reasons to purchase this system:

Capturing complete 3-D surface data in a flash
Orders of magnitude faster than any existing scanning system
Easy to Use
Practice Builder

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